Buy Back Policy



Buy-Back Option
We will buy back any item you purchased from within 90 days of date of purchase. Go ahead and wear your item a couple of times, then if you decide it is not your perfect accompaniment, contact us to request a buy-back and we’ll pay you a percentage of the price you originally paid as follows:

  • 80% in the first 30 days of purchase date
  • 70% within 31-60 days of purchase date
  • 60% within 61-90 days of purchase date

Think about it…this could revolutionize the way you dress! Now you can afford to change your look from season to season, as well as for those big events and special occassions.

Conditions for the Buy-Back
We may refuse to buy-back an item which exhibit significant wear since the original sale. Significant wear includes, but is not limited to, rips and tears, major pulls, stains (including underarm), powerful odors, or excessive wear to edges, cuffs, hems, corners or trims.

Payment is made within 5 days upon evaluation after the item is sent back to us. This way, we can verify the original purchase, origin, authenticity, and condition before the buy-back is completed.

Original taxes, duty fees and shipping costs are not eligible, nor included, toward the purchase price amount.

contact us with your order number, original date of purchase, item description and/or snapshot photo of the item to request a Buy-Back return.